VIDEO Review: Nerf Elite Mega Centurion

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NERF Review: Nerf Elite Mega Centurion

Credit goes to MyLastDart For the picture and information. This picture shows the upcoming (one of the Top Secret Nerf Blasters), Nerf Elite Mega Centurion!

It’s a semi auto electronic plunger that is suppose it achieve 100 feet FLAT. It also come with new Nerf Elite Mega darts that are 1 inch depth and 4 inches in length. They are made differently then The Elite Darts, so maybe they’re more accurate in flight.The blaster also said to be 1.5 meters long. Thats is pretty long for a toy gun.

It does come with a bipod like the Longshot, and it does come with more accessories, but I don’t know what. It does have a new paint job than the other Elite blaster. It’s mostly red with a white stripe running across it. I gotta say, it looks sick.

The Centurion does also come with a new style six round clip. It looks like it still clear on one side, and solid in the other. The barrel is unfortunately, unremovable. You CAN’T take off the barrel. but I believe the bipod is removable so you guys can take that off if you want.

I also forget to mention that there is a tactical rail on the bottom of the barrel, and one at the butt of the blaster. Overall, I really think this is gonna sell well. I’m totally gonna buy when it come out!

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  1. hvznerfreviews says:

    Why isn’t this a script? This was honestly a really crappy video. It had one picture the whole way through. This kid didn’t take the time to make something very good. Thumbs down from us.

  2. ReitmanProductions says:

    OMG thanks for this video!!!! I’ve been trying to get a Longstrike for a few weeks and I was just about to get the elite Retaliater, but after seeing this I want this soooooo badly now!!!! BUT WHAT I REALLY WANT TO KNOW IS THE COST!!!!!! Great vid man, I would vote but your my competition (I made a stampede review) anyway best of luck 2 u!!!!!! :)

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