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But that’s where you come in…  

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Gameplay Contest Extended!

We lost a week or two when the site went down so we've decided to extend the submission deadline for the GAMEPLAY VIDEO CONTEST.

We will now accept submissions until August 24th. It will then take a week or so for the contributors to select a winner and announce the winner right here on the site.

You can watch the update video for all of the details but basically it's any video of gameplay, achievement guide, funny moments, fails, pretty much anything. The contributors will review and grade each of the submissions and pick a winner. The winner gets a $50 gift card to the place of their choosing.

To not forget the non-film crowd, we will pick a comment at random from the winning video. Entry into this contest is as easy as writing a comment - and winning a $25 gift card.

All entries will be added to the GAMING section as they are submitted.

Best of luck to all!

NEW! The CACox97 Store

Hey! Check out that new menu item up's an online store! The CACox97 Filmmaker's Corner store is open for business. Stock is a little limited, so far it's just the one T-shirt, but we have plans to add more stuff like T-shirts, videos, maybe some hats, or who knows what else.

The T-Shirts are all the good quality cotton kind, not the cheapy ones you buy on the streets in big cities. They are silk-screened and professionally made. (no we don't make them in our garage...). The website is secured. Payments are made through PayPal so you don't have to worry about us running away with all of your cash. Stop by and take a look.

Please join us in welcoming our newest contributors, RapidFireReece and Sam.

Reece is a filmmaker with a flair for originality and nice dry sense of humor.

Sam is a prolific script writer. His Temple of the Aztec's epic would make a great multi-part series.

Please visit the Q&A page if you would like to learn more about these gentleman and ask questions or make requests.

With access to the site restored we are ready to begin the gaming contest in earnest. Please take a look at the Gaming Contest News video (thank you William) on the left of this page for all of the details. All entries will be listed here on the home page for all to see and comment.

Voting closed on the best NERF War Contest on July 8th. Congratulations to RAPID FIRE REECE and SAM for winning the Best Video and Best Written NERF WAR categories!

RAPID FIRE REECE and SAM will each receive a $50 gift card to Amazon, iTunes, Game Stop, Xbox Live, or Toys R’ Us or some other place that has gift cards. We will also invite them to become contributors and serve as future contest judges here at Filmmaker's Corner.

Here at the Filmmaker’s Corner we plan to have a contest running all the time – yes, all the time. We’ll run them quarterly and offer real prizes. Real as in a bunch of free publicity and gift cards, we may even offer up one of Christopher’s own NERF guns once in a while. Contests may be the usual NERF War video, but it also may be a video of some other theme, or a script, or article, or review or who knows whatever – we want to include the folks that don’t have a camera too.

When you click on the NERF tab at the top you may notice something different. We've broken the NERF section into 3 categories. You will see the latest posts in each category and can click on the "See All" link to see the rest of the videos in each category. We're hoping it enhances your viewing pleasure.

~ Jerry

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